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Offering "Pre-K For All" for 4 Years Old and Universal Pre-K


Are your children developing a lifelong love of learning in a respectful, Christian environment?

“We must develop a great love for little children because they are innocent and the hope of tomorrow’s society.”
Blessed Alfonso Maria Fusco, Founder, Congregation of Sisters of St. John the Baptist

Located on the property of the Sisters of St. John the Baptist, adjacent to the Providence Rest Health Care Facility, our child day care center offers a clean, safe and enriching environment in which our children experience developmental growth and learning.

Our curriculum is focused on preschool education, recreation and socialization. We nurture computer, listening, speaking, writing and creativity skills. At Providence Rest, we are equally as focused on developing the uniqueness of each child, and emphasize the respect of self, God and others.

A flexible schedule and spontaneous environment allow for a unique learning experience.

We provide lunch and a snack every day and the opportunity to participate in both indoor and outdoor activities.

Intergenerational interaction fosters love and respect for all ages.

Having the child day care center and the nursing home so close to each other provides a great opportunity for young and old to get together. Our residents and children build friendships, learn from each other and create an energy and optimism that makes our community so unique.

Does my child qualify for child day care at Providence Rest?

Children need to be 4 years of age to be considered for admission. They must also be toilet trained and up to date on their immunizations. A physical examination is required, as well. Children are accepted regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin and disability.

For more information on the Child Day Care Services at Providence Rest, reach out to Sr. Virgincita Sevilles, Director, at 718.823.3588.

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