Dear Friends of Providence Rest,

Under ordinary circumstances, at this time we would have been checking the details and putting on the final touches for the celebration of our annual Gala. This annual affair is Providence Rest’s most important fundraiser: it helps raise essential funds for Providence Rest’s mission while celebrating the people whose work and support brings that mission to life.

Earlier this year, when we first heard about this virulent COVID-19, we knew it was serious, but optimistically thought it would be contained and gone by May. Never would we have imagined the extent of its devastating effects not just for us but for the global community as well.

These are very difficult times for all of us. Trying to care for and protect our residents from this dreaded virus is a challenge that requires courage, patience, compassion and above all, deep faith and prayer. We have all been affected personally or indirectly through our families, friends or coworkers. We mourn the loss of those who have perished.

In this stressful environment, we need to work together doing everything we can to support one another. In faith we must trust in a positive outcome in God’s time as we journey through this very difficult situation. We let go of our gala dreams and expectations for now. We step away from what could have been so that we can deal calmly and respectfully and lovingly with those around us.

There is no 2020 gala, but we need your support more than ever. Please visit our donation page and give as generous a gift as you are able.


May God bless you and protect and your families.

Sr. Seline Flores, CEO