Treatment. Cropped image of female senior patient being treated by female doctor with medical equipment.
What We Treat
  • CVA Stroke Recovery & Cardiac Illness
  • Muscular Skeletal Issues
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Respiratory Illness Recovery and Management
Cropped image of male senior patient giving a thumbs-up in response to being tended by female nurse and a nun on staff.
How We Treat
  • Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy
  • Pain Management
  • IV Therapies, including PICC Lines and Mid-Lines
  • Wound Care

Coronavirus Outbreak- Lets keep our community safe, together

Providence Rest in concert with ArchCare has made a precautionary decision to not allow visitation into the facility effective Friday, March 13th, 2020 at 7AM until further notice.  The situation will be re-assessed in the near future as more information becomes available. Our goal is to communicate information as soon as it becomes available. Check back here for Daily Updates

  • In order to facilitate between communication with you and your loved one, we are making phone service available to all residents until visitation resumes.  Please call the front desk for individual room telephone numbers.
  • The Recreation Department will be offering video chat visiting as well as “through the glass visits”. Please visit the Facebook page to the right for more information or to schedule your visit.

Daily Update- May 29th 2020

  • We have followed NYSDOH guidance and developed a “cohort” area for all the COVID-19 positive residents and residents under investigation for COVID-19 (called PUI- person under investigation) We are not taking COVID positive patients from any hospital. Families will be notified immediately if a transfer to this unit is being initiated.
  • We currently have 12 COVID positive patients and 1 covid expiration in the last 24 hours.
  • All COVID positive and PUI patients are being cohorted on 40 bed unit 2C.
  • Families will be notified immediately if any resident is diagnosed with the virus or suspected of the virus (PUI).
  • Staffing is being monitored at the highest levels every shift.
  • Over 1,200 video calls between residents and family members have been conducted, as well as hundreds of phones calls between staff and family members.
  • We have a strong, dedicated staff on our COVID unit, which includes Registered Nurses.
  • We are following all CDC and NYSDOH regulations regarding infection control protocols related to Covid-19 management.  This includes proper levels of PPE and enforcement of social distancing guidelines.
  • Over 10% of our residents are end of life/Palliative.  We are in the top 10% nationally according to CMS of residents over 80 years of age. We are working diligently to manage this very fragile population in our facility on a daily basis.
  • Our clinical staff is very focused on providing direct care. If possible, direct your non emergent call to Social Services and we will provide an update.
  • In an effort to reward our hard working staff and to ensure that their commitment is acknowledged, we are instituting care member bonuses for staff working during the pandemic of $400, $200 and $100 based upon hours worked.
  • We are looking start taking reservations for  “through the glass” visits at our outpatient therapy entrance.  The visits would be available Monday through Friday on appointment basis.  The goal would be to improve the quality of visitation with your loved ones. This would replace some current video call appointments for those who can come to the facility.
  • Providence Rest has initiated Executive Order 202.30 that requires biweekly COVID-19 testing of all personnel (once a week for those working 3 days a week or less).

New York’s Premier Nursing & Rehabilitation Facility

At Providence Rest we provide our residents and patients with faith-driven compassionate care within a scenic setting that creates a feeling of home and family. We are a nonprofit Catholic nursing and rehabilitation facility welcoming all faiths. Our committed staff believes each resident and patient deserves to be treated with dignity, attention and warmth and our holistic approach ensures we support the entire person – physically, intellectually and spiritually. As a result, families are assured their loved ones are well cared for day and night and our convenient location and on-site parking makes visiting at any time easy.

Five senior female patients, one male patient, and Julio Rosario holding a conversation in the lobby in front of the Tree of Love decoration.

Our comprehensive services cover all physical requirements – including Short-Term Rehabilitation; Outpatient Rehabilitation; Long-Term Care; on-site Social Services and Care Transition back into the home; Respite Care; and Palliative Care, including end-of-life – while our social and spiritual mission supports all intellectual and emotional needs. Our skilled medical and health care staff includes nurses and nurse practioners, care specialists, physicians, dentists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center features a full array of equipment and daily living skill space to enable patients to maximize recovery and our residential rooms are warm, clean and comfortable.