Someone to Watch Over You

At Providence Rest our Social Services and Care Transition staff serve as the guardian angels of our patients and residents, advocating for their needs and desires as an integral part of our interdisciplinary care team. They work closely with our medical, health care and therapeutic recreation staffs as they support our outpatient or Short-Term Rehabilitation patients working toward recovery. The road back from an injury or illness may include unforeseen potholes and it is our Social Services and Care Transition team that ensures our patients are able to navigate this path to wellness smoothly.

Then as your return home nears, our Care Transition staff helps you and your family prepare to ensure a safe and secure outcome, such as by arranging for home health aide care, directing you to financial services or referring you to additional support agencies.

Our Social Services and Care Transition staff members also work with our long-term residents and their families, ensuring all their needs are met – medically, socially and emotionally.  They work hand-in-hand with our medical, health care and daily activities personnel, as well as our Sisters of St. John the Baptist, to coordinate the finest care. They also regularly communicate with family members to provide them with the confidence that their loved ones are both cared for and heard.

While every staff member at Providence Rest is committed to providing our residents and patients with the finest, most attentive and most compassionate care possible, it is nice to know there is always someone special watching over you.