Improving Quality of Life in Late Stages

When age or illness brings us near the end of our life’s journey, quality of life takes on great importance for those suffering, and their loved ones. Pain is both physically and emotionally debilitating and can cause depression, anxiety, and loss of appetite and sleep. Watching a loved one go through this is emotionally draining and physically painful.

At Providence Rest we provide comprehensive Palliative Care for our residents suffering during late-stage illness or nearing the end of their journey. Our interdisciplinary Palliative Care focuses on managing pain, alleviating associated symptoms and making our patients as comfortable as possible. We honor their preferences in all areas, including food, bedtime, music, company, prayer, and solitude. In working to improve our residents’ quality of life, we care for their body, mind, and spirit. In doing so, we also ease the burden on family wanting only for their loved ones’ pain to go away. Palliative Care is provided for as long as is necessary.

When the end of life nears, Providence Rest provides empathetic support to those in our care and their families. Our End-of-Life Program is designed to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents and their families so that the end of their life may still be meaningful and dignified. We also partner with local hospice programs to support those who choose this service.

Our Sisters of St. John the Baptist play an essential role in both our Palliative Care and End-of-Life programs. Their presence, guidance, and solace are comforting for residents and family alike as they tend to their spiritual and emotional needs when medicine and health care no longer promise hope.