A Place to Turn

Caring for an elder loved one at home is a noble choice for millions of Americans. They do so out of love and loyalty. Yet being a primary caregiver can at times be stressful and even physically draining, as one study shows that 60% of family caregivers aged 19-64 report fair or poor health and one or more chronic ailment compared with just 33% of non-caregivers. And when primary caregivers suffer, often those they love to suffer, as well, through the reduced quality of care.

At Providence Rest we offer primary caregivers needed respite by welcoming their loved ones into our community for two days to six weeks. Our Respite Care guests are provided private rooms with bath, TV, and telephone and enjoy all the programs and services we offer our long-term residents, including medical attention, social work, spiritual support, recreational activities and dining.

The benefits of Respite Care for primary caregivers are multiple and include a reduction of stress and renewal of energy, a reconnection with a sense of self and individuality, and engagement that wards off the isolation that often comes with being a primary caregiver to an elderly loved one.