Care Unlike Anywhere Else

Through our Sisters of St. John the Baptist, at Providence Rest we provide our residents and patients with a unique and selfless care they will not find at other facilities. Since our founding in 1921, the Sisters of Providence Rest have provided the pastoral care for those we support, serving as the foundation of our holistic approach of caring for the entire person – their body, mind and spirit, alike. Our Sisters’ commitment to enriching the stay of every resident and patient, regardless of how long or how short, serves as the keel that keeps Providence Rest always on mission.

One of our Sisters is assigned to each floor of our facility and serves as the ambassador for that unit to our residents, patients and families. They greet them in the morning and say good night at day’s end. They engage in conversation and advocate for their wants and needs. They are available to family members and become part of their support group. Our Sisters tend to the spirit of each of our residents and patients in whatever manner makes them most comfortable.

We also offer Roman Catholic Mass three times a week, televised throughout the facility. Holy Communion is available daily and we hold a parish liturgy each Sunday which is open to the community. Our Eucharistic Chapel is open 24 hours a day and our clergy are always available to provide the Anointing of the Sick. In addition, each month we hold a special prayer service based on a spiritual or religious theme.

However, our residents and patients need not be Catholic to receive our spiritual care and participate in our faith-based activities. All are welcomed and embraced. We celebrate holidays throughout the year with interfaith programs.

“Our mission is rooted in our belief that each person is God’s precious gift of life and love. We collaborate in this ministry with many dedicated men and women who make God’s caring presence come alive for our residents.”

Sr. Seline Mary Flores, C.S.JB – CEO