How do I know I or my loved one will be in good hands at Providence Rest?

Providence Rest provides our residents and patients with faith-driven compassionate care within scenic surroundings on the shores of Eastchester Bay that creates a feeling of home and family. We have a highly trained staff committed to providing our residents and patients with complete care through our holistic approach of supporting the entire person – the body, the mind, and the spirit. Our comprehensive services cover all physical requirements – including Short-Term Rehabilitation; Outpatient Rehabilitation; Long-Term Care; on-site Social Services and Care Transition back into the home; Respite Care; and Palliative Care, including end-of-life – while our social and spiritual mission supports all emotional needs. We have a comprehensive skilled in-house medical staff and our state-of-the-art rehabilitation center features a full array of equipment and daily living skill space to enable patients to maximize recovery. Our array of activities and social events keeps our residents and patients both engaged and happy. We believe each resident and patient deserves to be treated with dignity, attention, and warmth. We are accredited by the Joint Commission and regularly receive high ratings from our residents in our ongoing Resident Satisfaction Poll.

Is Providence Rest a nursing home or a rehabilitation center?

Both. We provide both Long-Term Care for our residents and rehabilitation services for our patients, both Short-Term and Outpatient. (For a full list of treatment and care options please visit our Services page.)

If my loved one moves into Providence Rest, will they have their own room?

We offer our residents either private or semi-private rooms, depending on their budget and availability. We are known for the cleanliness, warmth, and comfort of our rooms.

What types of activities do you offer your residents?

We offer our residents and patients a full menu of daily, weekly and monthly activities to keep them both intellectually and socially engaged. We believe social interaction is essential for both recoveries from injury or illness as well as a fulfilling life for our long-term residents. See our experience page for more information.

Do you provide end-of-life services?

Yes, when the end of life nears, Providence Rest provides empathetic and compassionate support to those in our care and their families. Our End-of-Life Program is designed to meet the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs of our residents and their families so that the end of their life may still be meaningful and dignified. We also partner with local hospice programs to support those who choose this service.

Do you accept people under the age of 65 in your rehabilitation program?

Yes, we welcome people of all ages in our rehabilitation programs.

Does your Outpatient Rehabilitation services program have flexible hours?

We provide rehabilitation services six days a week and evenings. Our hours are 9–5 Monday thru Saturday.

Do you provide Respite Services? If so, for how long?

We provide Respite Services from two days to six weeks. Our Respite Care guests are provided private rooms with bath, TV, and telephone and can enjoy all the programs and services we offer our long-term residents, including medical attention, social work, spiritual support, recreational activities, and dining.

What insurance do you accept?

We are Medicare and Medicaid eligible and accept a number of other insurance plans. See our Admissions page for a full listing of accepted plans.

Do I or my loved one have to be Catholic to move into or use the services at Providence Rest?

No. While Providence Rest is a Catholic institution we welcome people of all faiths. The Sisters of St. John the Baptist play an integral role in the spiritual care of our residents and patients and do so with an interfaith approach.

Is the Providence Rest staff multi-lingual?

Yes, many members of our staff, including our medical and health care professionals, speak more than one language. We currently support services in several languages, primarily Spanish and Italian. Please ask our staff if you have any questions about a language we support. 

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