Compassionate Care for the Long-Term

While most older adults prefer to age at home, the time often comes when your loved one requires more attention and assistance than you can provide at home. When this moment arrives, the men, women, and Sisters at Providence Rest open our arms to become like a second family that will care for them within a comfortable setting, an inclusive community that is also an advanced clinical facility. Through our holistic approach, we provide a continuum of care that maximizes the physical, social, psychological and spiritual well-being of our residents while treating each with dignity and respect. While our medical and health care staff tend to their bodies and minds, our Social Services staff and Sisters of St. John the Baptist tend to their emotional and spiritual needs.

Upon a resident’s arrival at Providence Rest our Long-Term Care interdisciplinary team develops a person-centered care plan based on assessment, observation, medical and social history, examination and testing to ensure we provide the total care they need to live a fulfilling life with us. Toward that end, we continually adjust their plan based on progress, acclimation, changes in preferences or physical or mental decline. In addition, our Sisters serve as advocates for both our residents and their families, during their time of healthy living and when they approach the end of life and beyond.

Does your loved one desire to have her hair done regularly? Does he relish musical performances or dining out? Is he or she a social butterfly eager to interact with others? At Providence Rest we provide a full menu of in-house and off-site services and activities that enable our residents to continue enjoying the aspects of life that fulfill them within a welcoming community.

Our continuum of care encompasses:

  • Physicians, nurses, and aides who are on duty 24/7 to provide all levels of required care to our residents. 
  • Dietitians who practice medical nutrition therapy in the treatment and prevention of chronic illnesses associated with aging while setting realistic goals to promote quality of life for our residents.
  • Social workers who provide comfort and counseling for both residents and families in individual and group settings. 
  • Physical, occupational and speech therapists who work with residents to help them improve and maintain the activities of daily living.
  • Therapeutic Recreation Specialists who nurture residents’ interests, talents and hobbies, providing programs to enhance cognition and prevent isolation and depression. Computer workshops and games, art and music therapy, exercise groups, cooking and book clubs and outside trips all contribute to engaging our residents in a fulfilling community experience.

In addition, at Providence Rest we have memory loss professionals trained to work with your loved one who has entered this stage of life. They are trained to recognize the signs of memory loss and work empathetically with residents to manage their impact and slow its progression. We learn their life stories to connect with them and help them live in the moment through self-expression. Most importantly, we help our residents with memory loss maintain their dignity and sense of self-worth. We also help families deal with the challenges and pain a loved one’s memory loss brings to their own lives.